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Looking for garden furniture?

Let's leave some interesting tips that can help you in your decor and your garden furniture. 

In this article we will help you choose the right material for garden furniture. Whether for relaxation, for meals or just for decorative purposes, you should take into account the characteristics of your garden and the space that surrounds it, namely the climatic conditions, so that the choice is proportional to your needs. Regarding the material, in general, you have at your disposal from metals, resins and woods.

As far as metals are concerned, these are excellent options when it comes to topics such as corrosion and oxidation. More specifically, Epoxy Steel is coated with a material that resists the effects of oxidation, Steel treated with cataphoresis for greater resistance to corrosion and Aluminum that resists corrosion and has the added value of very simple maintenance.

Regarding wood, perhaps the most aesthetic material for most people, we have several options considering price, strength and aesthetics. To start with, there is the Pine with the best price-quality ratio and a very reasonable resistance to bad weather. Another option to consider is Teak, despite having a higher price, it is perfect for those who prioritize weather resistance. note that this wood becomes gray over time and “it's not a defect, it's a shape”. Also, let us not despise Acacia which, despite not being perfectly resistant to bad weather, has a very good performance in terms of humidity. It should be noted that the wood, so that it remains pleasant to the eye, needs regular maintenance.

Finally, the resins, which are easy to maintain and flexible when it comes to colors. Injected resin stands out for its excellent resistance and a wide choice of colors. Textileno is very resistant to humidity and Ultra-Violet rays, being made with a PVC base. Let's not forget the braided resin, which are intended to surround steel and aluminum structures.

Here are some tips for beautiful gardens with some of our garden furniture.

We suggest you the appropriate furniture for the type of space you have, and it is advisable to combine the type of garden furniture with the types of materials presented above. For more limited spaces, we recommend the use of folding materials as you can find on benches, chairs and tables (metal or wood) in order to make the space more profitable and facilitate its storage.

For larger spaces where there is the possibility of placing larger garden tables, we also suggest folding chairs, so that when they are not in use, they do not limit circulation and space and are practical to store and place in garden sheds. If your intention is to create a space for relaxation, there is nothing better than looking for, for example, deckchairs with cushions, furniture sets, garden sofas, swings and hammocks.

It should also be noted that the storage/preservation of your garden furniture will not be a problem since, in the case of wood, these can be coated with materials that make them waterproof, compared to the rest of the items there is the very practical option of covering them with covers of appropriate protection.


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